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So many are choosing to introduce their daughters to us as "my fashion consultant". There is something about mother-daughter shopping, consulting, laughing together, it's a bonding experience. But honestly? What does an 8 years old really know about bloating? What does a 16 years old know about our desire to look different and not like another item in the group? How helpful can a 20 years old be, when her mom is looking for a date outfit? (and not with her father...) 

I can sometimes imagine seeing these cartoons' thought bubbles coming out of their heads, maybe my imagination is working extra hours, but this is what see: 

💭💭💭 This is SO boring! // Wi-Fi, what is the Wi-F password, I can't miss what this random girl is doing on TikTok // My mom is too old to wear that // Like... if she would spend so much money here there will be nothing left for me! // She is going to embarrass me with that outfit... // It is too early and too bright, I am not taking off my sunglasses // Why does she need so many clothes anyway, she is not going anywhere... 

But not always, really, we can sometimes see an 8 years old physically pulling her mom into the boutique, telling her she should try something on. Some girls have this born-in style, we would have hired them to work here if we could. I can see them thinking:

💭💭💭 My mom is so cool I want to be just like her when I grow up // this is MY mom! // We shopped for me last time, today is her turn // I wish they had that dress in my size // She is working so hard, it's her money and she can spend it however she wants // I want to find her something to wear, she would be so proud of me // Even if she is old she still needs to wear what makes her feel happy! 

I guess it is like any other shopping companion, not all of them are perfect. And I am not saying we, as moms, are easy to go shopping with. It can take us some (long) time to make a decision, we might need the repeating reassurance, a style advice, a connection, and that's ok, because it's about us at LiLi The First, not them.

If your "fashion consultant" understands that, bring her over, we would love to share our style passion over an orange juice. But if not, maybe just bond over lunch? 

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  • Ifat, I always knew you were an intelligent funny woman, but reading these stories has shed you in a whole new light for me… You are brilliant! You just made the rest of my day shine bright, and I can’t wait to read what you write next. I love you

    Jill Herlands on
  • Love this post Ifat! Hug my Phyllis for me☺️

    Maurene on

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