Located in Georgetown, Washington DC, LiLi The First is a home for a selective group of independent designers from around the globe. They are producing locally, designing with chic, comfort and versatility in mind, and to work exclusively with boutiques. We are not in the business of selling another dress, we are in the business of using style to feel inspired and empowered. We enjoy what we do, so chill out and get ready for some fun.


Ifat arrived to the US from Israel with a tech job and a dream to open a boutique. 20 years later she left the corporate world to open LiLi The First. She very fast grew tired of the consistent mispronunciation of her name and holding the line trying to spell it at the coffee shop, decided to make it easy on everyone and so LiLi became her "Starbucks name". If you want to stay on her good side, don't call the pieces in the boutique "stuff" and don't describe them as "cute".


We refer to our customers as "First Ladies" because we all deserve to be treated like FIRST, and not to settle for anything less than that. For our website photos, the models are our own First Ladies volunteers. We are hosting events on a regular basis, the wine tasting, speaker evenings, open houses and social evenings made us a strong community. Together we support Washington DC women's causes.