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When people are obviously tourists, we are always curious to know where they are from. There were weeks that it seemed like the airplane from the Netherlands or Australia just landed outside our door. Every day, people from the same country, we don't even have to ask. And then there are days we are working domestic trips only. 

How do we know they are tourists? Easy! If someone comes in dragging their big blue suitcase before 3:00pm (check-in time), it's an obvious sign! OK, that one was too easy! So first, they shop with their partner. I don't know many women that will go shopping with their partner willingly... or for that matter, how many men will choose shopping as their mid-week preferred activity. People on vacation have this ease of way about them, like they are not on the clock. That, and a large backpack. And last but not least, the accent. It is still amazing how one word can have so many sound versions...

Our little survey showed pretty surprising results: people from North Carolina have a distinct, funky, fun, liberated kind of style... When someone says they are from NC I just know it is going to be a hoot! With no exception, every time we had a shopper from NC, it ended up with an unusual, unique choice. It seems like they are not afraid or shy of looking spectacular, all day, every day. 

I don't know how they find us, but at least once a week we have a guest from NC, and it's always with the same positive energy and amazing accent that I can listen to all day long! We might need to add this question to our survey, who knows, maybe they talked about us in the local news? Some of these visitors became our biggest fans, long time, long distance First Ladies. We are actually thinking of hiring a weekly UPS truck just for them :)


Cheers NC ♥  Stay cool

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