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Women. we can't help it. We are just too practical.

We look at a jacket with gold studs and think "how am I going to wash it?" We look at a killer jumpsuit and we can only think about the bathroom. So let's open it up, let's talk about the bathroom...

I was there! It didn't matter how flattering the jumpsuit looked on the mannequin, how much I loved the fabric or how perfect the color was. The jumpsuit was off limits for me. The dreadful bathroom thought. 

But one super-driven saleswoman in a Tel-Aviv boutique changed it all for me. I agreed to try a jumpsuit on and that was end of story and the beginning of a love affair. You know how it goes when you are "selling" something to yourself? I could only see the elongating silhouette, the effortless chic, the groovy "suit" looking, the easy packing, the versatility of adding something on top or under the jumpsuit. She didn't have to say anything else. I surrendered. 

And this is how I think about the bathroom situation, but first, can we all agree that wearing a jumpsuit at home it's a non-issue? Good!

So I am in a restaurant and my bladder is signaling that it is time.

The time aspect - It usually takes, what.... 2 minutes to make a round trip? But I am wearing a jumpsuit, so let's say it will take 2 and a half minutes. You know what, 3 minutes. They can wait, you are, after all, a First Lady.  

The modesty aspect - Yes, I am going to be half naked in there, just need to make sure the bathroom door is closed, which is a good practice no matter what I wear...

The sanitary aspect - If the jumpsuit has a narrow leg, no big deal, same as pants. If it has a wide leg, I am in the exact same situation as if I was wearing wide legged pants, right? Just catch them and take them up. Some coordination is required for sure, but hey, you ARE a First Lady, you can do anything!

The jumpsuits are now an integral part of my personal closet and LiLi The First's, we just can't give up on them. They are a must-have piece.

I can look great and pee in peace. It worth the 30 seconds effort! 


Black jumpsuit by Gershon Bram

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  • My concern about the bathroom is that if it zips up in the back I am in trouble.

    Debby on
  • Bathroom is the main consideration.
    But if the jumpsuit is comfortable I could care less being half naked in a bathroom.
    Must have a good hook though for my bag or purse.😘

    Emma on

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