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Is that a new thing, a couple going to the fitting room together?

Lately we have noticed a new trend, people are going to the fitting room together. Couples, friends, family members, you name it. It’s not that we don’t have another fitting room or a comfortable, red sofa, so what is it?

They go there together, giggling, googling, discussing, taking photos, I don’t know what else, but in a small, personal space like our boutique, disappearing for 15 minutes feels a little awkward…  I know it’s all about the customer, but checking up on a young couple behind the curtain makes me feel like a helicopter mother or the headmaster in a convent school. At this point, are we supposed to go back and work on the computer and completely ignore them or keep asking and nagging?

Someone said that his girlfriend was shy…. If she is too shy to get out of the fitting room, how on earth is she going to get out of the house wearing it? And what are we going to do? What’s the worst that can happen? It’s funny how on the other side of the spectrum some individual will just take off their clothes in the middle of the room with no problem whatsoever.

Someone else said she didn’t want the “pressure” of a salesperson, she prefers to have her (7 years old) daughter with her so they can decide together. For that, we always say, we are not that desperate! If we had to risk our reputation by sending someone out looking ridiculous, just to sell another dress, we might as well close the boutique right now. Our clothes are not that complicated, but more than once people came out wearing an outfit the completely wrong. Of course, you will think the pants are a disaster if you are wearing them the other way around. A hidden button or pocket, a way to turn a shirt into a vest, all the fun information is lost. And we do understand someone need a thumbs up, in most cases we do…

In another instance, after a L-O-N-G time in the fitting room, someone came out and said she had found the same article online from a boutique in California, it was $15 less expensive. She asked if we would match the price. So, is that what she was doing there? If you know me even a little, than you can probably imagine my facial expression and guess exactly what we told her!

I recently went to the butcher; They did not have chuck beef and suggested the hanger steak instead. I asked the lady what part the hanger steak was; she had no idea. She called someone else, he was flabbergasted. I understood that was a place to grab and go. But when you ask us what size you should take, how to wash it, what shoes to wear it with, what’s the name of the designer and where do they live, we have the information and we would love to share it with you, we would love to see you bringing to life a piece that we  search the world to bring to the boutique.

We are not going to eat you. We are not going to make you buy anything you don't want to buy. So please, let us see you in all your glory.  

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  • Looks like fitting rooms have gone from “try before you buy” to “try with your entourage.” 🛍️👫👪 Maybe they’re rehearsing for the next big fashion show? Either way, it’s all fittingly entertaining! :)

    Huda Ayas on
  • That is simply a no go in all major cities and I ever lived in. And I lived in many. Nobody is allowed to go try on clothing with a person. A person or persons wait in comfortable siting place in the boutique or store .

    Emma kinev on
  • Sounds like some good material for a sitcom!

    Mary Ellen on

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