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Just admit it, you have been waiting for this post all year long! So Without Further Ado, here are some of our most memorable 2022 moments.  

A millennial was admiring one of our leather bags. She asked me what it was made of. I said leather. She asked, "Do you mean like chicken leather"? I know I know; it can be hard when you are so used to shop online and suddenly touch something that feels like… chicken???

We are so used to people asking to buy our sheep, our lighting fixtures, our coasters, our mannequin props from the window. But we never expected someone to ask if our SOFA is for sale. It is not.

Someone was walking by our window for years, thinking it was a children store…

One of our First Ladies felt the need to educate a walk-in lady with our philosophy “It’s effortless chic, but you still need to make some effort”. How do you think it ended up?

Our Saloon was a big success. One of the greatest things that happened is that it formed new friendships. It makes us proud. We also took a notice we have very great cooks among us. And funny women. Very funny!

Someone complaining, with her finger pointed at me, for telling her friend she should not try on the dress because it is going to be too small (in a very nice way like we usually do). She said I damaged her friend’s self-esteem after she lost weight. I don’t know. Should we be less honest?

For our Spring window we used empty wine bottles with pink flowers. A guy was trying to steal one of these bottles from the window. He came in fast and grab the bottle when he understood (daaaaaaaa!) that it was an empty one.   

An 80-year woman showing us her rap dancing moves, and oh yes, she can move!

One of our First Ladies noticed a young lady trying on a necklace, adoring it and putting it back. She kindly offered to purchase the necklace for her. It was such a generous, human act of kindness.

Our first “Meet the Designer” event was above our expectation. We did not realize how much fun it would be for you to meet the person behind the clothes, to hear about the inspiration and techniques. So more to come for sure.

Someone YELLED at me, loud and furious for telling her we rather not have people talking on the phone in the boutique. This came after I was trying to say hello and she blocked me with a stop sign hand motion. This was per YOUR advice First Ladies, and I am NOT doing that again 😊

Our very own first design came to life with a limited number of pieces, a mini collection. It was an amazing experience and a great success. We are going to continue and explore this direction in 2023.


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  • Happy New Year to you and Ohyllis and your families!❤️

    Maurene on
  • Happy New Year!
    All the best in the coming 2023..
    The reminiscing about past year is warm and funny. I hope when I am finally in a boutique in person, no phone conversations will be taking place 😘.

    Emma on
  • What a fabulous missive! Love it. I look forward to seeing all your new chic new designs and of course you and Phyllis!

    Chris Nasbe on
  • Happy New Year to you and all The First Ladies! Thanks for making us stylish and bold. Hope to see you in 2023. Cheers!

    Susan on

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