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So you decided to take a risk and give me a gift? It better be a good one! If I open the box and can't hide the "you have got to be kidding me" look, it's on you!

When people come to LiLi The First to buy a gift, we can be a little annoying with all the questions we ask, it almost looks like we are snooping. But you know what, if someone can put up with us for just 3 minutes, we are going to nail it perfectly. Every year around this time, right after the holidays, some of you stop-by to tell us about raving reviews for a gift you gave or received from LiLi, so we know we have an amazing success rate! The two young brothers who keep coming back every Mother's day and Christmas, the small business owner who pampers her employees when hitting a target and the aunt that keeps sending gifts across the country. Fun and funny gift stories that just keep us on our toes and make us try up our game every year.  

But, there are times we know a gift is coming back to us, we don't need a crystal ball, all the signs are there: If you decide to buy your wife, who wears mostly black, a pink scarf just because "she can use some color", it's a sign! If you insist on buying your girlfriend a tight dress because "she needs to show her figure more", that's a mistake. If you've never seen your mother-in-law wearing earrings, just stay away from the earrings drawer, no matter how much you like them. 

I am not ashamed to say, I used to think it's an insult or pure laziness but I came to appreciate the magic of the gift card, as a receiver and also as a giver. A local restaurant, a wine store or a boutique (wink wink), it's a win-win situation. I get a chance to discover a new place or share one I like with someone else. The freedom to select something I will actually eat, or drink, or wear is exciting and it will save me, and YOU, my embarrassing acting skills. 

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