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One of the funniest things about LiLi The First is that every customer think they are our only customer, at least for that day. It is like the day was pre-arranged for appointment times. Each one of our "First Ladies" spends about an hour in the boutique, and during that time, no one else comes in. But, a couple of minutes after they leave, another one comes in... I guess I should not have been surprised when someone asked if we are "actually making money" hahahah.

So this year (and maybe we'll start a tradition), I decided to share what a normal day in Georgetown might look like for us: 

❥ A guy comes in, sitting down while on the phone the whole time and yelling at us not to talk to him because he is trying to have a conversation on the phone and it's just too loud on the street.
❥ A tourist is asking us "where the NICE boutiques are"?
 A ring purchased for a marriage proposal
 A customer (woman) who decided not to purchase the skirt because the previous customer (a man) looked so much better in it...
❥ Someone walked in and directly proceeded to sit on our red sofa, saying she bought something last year.
❥ The cutest, smartest, friendliest Georgetown dogs are pretty regular here, we know them by name, especially Lola!
 Supportive moms. Loving sisters. Emotional grandpa. Adoring boyfriends. Unsupportive moms. Jealous husbands. 
❥ A complete and powerful makeover, "pretty Woman" style.
❥ A visitor is so in-love with her new jacket, she is buying another one for her girlfriend back home, and calls her to say she bought her a jacket and she owes her $400
Georgetown bus driver see a dress in the window and had to stop the bus!
❥ Three mother of the brides, from different states, buying the same dress for the wedding!
 A very young girl (maybe 5 years old) pulling her mother into the boutique to shop, and she did, and the girl was proven as a fabulous fashionista! 
Happy new Year my First Ladies, exciting year is ahead!

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  • Wonderful day-in-the-life! Have a happy and prosperous new year — see you soon!

    Kamer Davis on

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