When am I going to wear it? I don't go anywhere fun...

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Quite the contrary, It's the only thing I can wear with my oversize yellow tutu or any other statement piece.

I have two Types of basics in my closet: Type Z are the ones that will never see the light of day (or night for that matter): cooking/sleeping/watching TV T shirts, oversize sweatpants, some of them are even my husband's rundown T's.

Type A, well, some of you might argue are not basics at all.... Think about a T-shirt with puffed sleeves, leggings with a sheer mesh side strip, a cardigan with HUGE pockets. They are basic in the sense of color, material and functionality but they all have a personality, something funky to make it fun, interesting and unique. It's a basic that has graduated college and now is an adult: it can afford nicer restaurants, enjoy listening to jazz, it will not take BS from anyone or tolerate unintentional holes!

Pay attention ladies, I am not talking about an “Oscar style” gown or breaking the bank, I am talking about leaving your favorite t-shirt at home and wearing something that you would be happy and confident running into your ex with! 


Do you know how you buy a fabulous T-shirt and after one wash it is completely twisted? Not even possible to fold it in straight lines. I made my quality vs. quantity decision a long time ago. I would rather invest in one expensive T-shirt rather than have five low quality T's, it's simple math for me, it will just stay longer in its original condition, and not even getting started with the ethical argument.

Once in awhile I will stumble upon a good basic I feel I just can't live without: the perfect neckline, the soft touch, the non pressured waist, the total look. I know I can mix it with so many different outfits and show off to all my friends, everything about it is saying "take me, take me in black and red and navy, take 10 of me".

Ladies, it's a trap -- Take the one you feel the strongest about, the one that you will use the most, there will be others if this one doesn't work out, the world is full of them and we want to keep ourselves fresh and not feel we are wearing the same guy, sorry, same shirt. One is enough!



We hear that sentence enough times in the boutique I thought it was important to "talk" about it. The point is, we should dress fun if we want to have fun, bring the fun with us in a way.

When I wear something fun it gets me in the mood, like sipping a sweet prosecco, exactly like when I wear sexy, for different kind of fun ;-)

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