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It used to take us a whole season, sometimes even two, for us to sell an item that looked like a Met Gala kind of piece. After all, this is not NY... Nowadays, when we bring a coat that we consider to be extreme, extraordinary, it sells in a day! The First Lady who bought it didn't understand what the big deal was about, she called it "a classic". Same for the statement voluminous skirts and tops we received recently, they were a piece of art. Were!!! What's going on? Have you become more funky or are we not challenging you enough? How on earth are we going to satisfy your hunger for cool fashion?  
I am a busy woman, but you left me no other choice. I packed my carry-on and went to Paris. 
Paris during fashion week is nothing like Paris on any other day of the year, not at all!! As you walk through the city, gardens, museums and markets all have added gigantic constructions to host fashion shows. In the courtyards, you can see models practicing their cat walk with disposable shoe covers. The restaurants are fully booked with designers' after parties. Galleries all around town transform into showrooms. The streets are dominated by people wearing long black coats, funny hats, funky shoes and enormous jewelry. Everyone checks out everyone else from top to bottom with no shame. It's part of the business and they need to know if you should be taken seriously. I thought it was a good sign when they asked me at the hotel if I was there for fashion week. Thumbs up on packing! Although I did have to maneuver my fashionable outfits and fishnets on city bicycles in the city of lights, fashion and public transportation strikes! Worry not, I biked like a professional and was not a minute late to any appointment. 
And speaking of business, when you are sitting in a bar, and next to you sits an expert lawyer for fashion import/export from NY, next to her sits a shopping tour guide from London, on the other end sits a designer from Denmark who looks like Thor, who is talking to a designer from the Netherlands, sitting next to a textile importer from Japan, you understand that the only conversation in town is about FASHION.   
I was on a mission to find my First Ladies some new excitements! Unique but wearable style. Elevated but affordable. A designer with a personality, a collection with a story. I needed inspiration. Tranoï, one of my favorite tradeshows is held in the historical Paris stock exchange building -1827 La Bourse. The huge, stunning building with its internal galleries is the perfect place to think creatively.  
So yes, I was inspired by the people, the buildings, the wine, the escargots, the energy and the yellow vests public transportation workers who closed half of the city. First Ladies of LiLi The First, we are preparing you an unforgettable spring collection.  


 Here is the stunning coat: A Piece or A Classic? Link Coat

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  • I’m SO sad not to be in DC and able to visit Lili and try on some of your Paris haul!

    Leigh Gibson on
  • Your blogs are as much fun as it is to visit your shop!

    Anonymous on
  • What an exciting trip!!

    Kirsten on
  • Bravo! Loved reading this and living vicariously through you! x

    Anonymous on

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