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It’s not that nothing funny or outrageous happened in 2023, but for this year we changed the format. As you know, we like having interns working here, they keep us young and updated. So we are going to share some of the wisdom they spread upon us in 2023. We have taught them a thing or two as well… 

What we’ve learned?

  • When they say “This is SICK”, it’s actually a big compliment and we should be happy. Also Dope. Dope is good. Nothing to do with any illegal drug use. 
  • Talking in text abbreviations is completely normal. And we are on board when they say BRB, LMK and ASAP. But when they say LOL, isn’t it just easier to laugh, out loud even, if it’s so funny? 
  • There are about seven hundred and forty two dating apps, but our interns are so much more clever than that. They look people up on LinkedIn, just to make sure they measure up to their high standards, and only then move to the social apps. So sharp! 
  • If you want to make sure you have extra space on the train, just buy another ticket for the seat next to you.
  • Four-Twenty is a very very funny number. So funny every day and especially on April 20th. Why? I can’t confirm it, but I think it’s widely agreed to be the best time of the day to smoke weed. Also, maybe it’s the national weed holiday? I did google “Why is 420 funny” but didn’t really get it! 

What they didn’t know until 2023?

  • You CAN go places without google maps, just by looking around. The UPS store is two and a half blocks away and it was hard to convince any of them to walk there without their phone (2 blocks down, turn right on N street). But they did, and they made it back. We were so proud!  
  • How to fold clothing. Also, that when you fold your clothing they will be less wrinkled than when you store them as a ball.  
  • A sports bra is covering the top part of the body, but it does NOT make it a top!
  • How to complete a full sentence without using the word “like” and stop touching their hair when talking. We look at these two as our biggest accomplishments. 
  • The string that is attached to the tea bag, it can help pull out the tea bag from the hot water. How cool is that???  

And now seriously:

As a board member for the House of Ruth, I took upon myself to launch a silent auction platform and asked one of our interns to help. I directed her with research, information gathering and presentation skills, she worked hours and night on the research, and this is on top of her school work. At the end of the process she made a presentation to show her findings in a formal, 1.5 hours meeting to  the management team. After so many “dress rehearsals”, her delivery was flawless. She acted (and dressed) professional and impressed them with her knowledge. The House of Ruth took her recommendation for a silent auction platform that was used and successfully raised money this year. Our intern made a change. Chapeau!!




Photos: Holiday windows, NYC, 2023


Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC, Christian Dior, 2023

Cartier, NYC, 2023


Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, 2023

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  • I simply LOVE all the wisdom you imparted on your interns!! Please impart upon my own daughter how to complete a full sentence without using the word “like!” I have failed…..sigh

    Lisa Maco on
  • Oh to be young again!

    Harriet on
  • Love everything about this!! 🥳 Happy New Year!

    Anonymous on

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