LiLi The First is an international, multi-brand boutique featuring capsule collections sourced from selective labels across the globe.
We don’t limit ourselves (or our customers) to a particular “look.”  On the contrary: we collaborate with the style-minded designers of tomorrow, creating a unique destination for individuals who wish to feel strong and confident regardless of their figure or orientation.  
Since opening in Georgetown, Washington DC in 2015, LiLi The First has been committed to sourcing from small, independent designers who create a variety of modern looks using high quality materials and a fresh eye for design. 

Ifat Pridan arrived to the US from Israel with a tech job and a dream to open a boutique. 20 years later when her children left the house for college, she learned the true meaning of an “empty nester” and left her role in the corporate world to open LiLi The First.
Her energy, humor, international travels and vast shopping experience (haha) made her very particular when it came to what she was wearing. She developed a sharp eye for fashion and understood the connection between who we are and the image we want to project.
While Ifat can quickly suggest a personalized outfit with a refreshed look for anyone who steps foot within the store, her true talent is her ability to make her clients feel like they’re shopping with a friend. 
Growing tired of the consistent mispronunciation of my name at the coffee pickup counter, I decided to make it easy on myself and on the barista, and became LiLi. I was no longer holding the line trying to spell my name which, in most cases, didn’t help either.
My vision for the boutique was to create a space where anyone can focus on themselves in the most selfish, guilty-less way. A space where no other obligation comes before someone - not their kids, not their job, not their mothers.  Just pure ego-centric shopping – a time where people can be their own and our FIRST priority.
So I had my “Starbucks name” and a vision, and LiLi The First was born in 2015, not to be ever followed by any “The Second”.