Located in Georgetown, Washington DC, LiLi The First is a home for a selective group of designers from around the world and for fabulous women who enjoy clothing, all kinds of clothing. The boutique is not limited to a particular “look" and deliberately working with designers who have NOTHING in common, just to keep things more interesting.

  • WHO's LiLi?

    "Growing tired of the consistent mispronunciation of my name and holding the line trying to spell it at the coffee shop, I decided to make it easy on everyone and so LiLi became my "Starbucks name". And why LiLi The First? "My vision for the boutique was to create a space where we come First. Where anyone can focus on themselves in the most selfish, guilty-less way. A space where no other obligation comes before us - not the kids, not the job, not our mothers. Just pure ego-centric shopping.

  • Ifat

    Ifat Pridan arrived to the US from Israel with a tech job and a dream to open a boutique. 20 years later she left the corporate world to open LiLi The First. Her energy, humor, international travels and vast shopping experience (haha) helped her develop a sharp eye for fashion and understanding the important connection between who we are and the image we want to project.

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