Closing Time

Closing Time

It's 7 PM on a Saturday; the door is locked, the racks are being fixed, trash is being removed, the street sign coming back in, lights are about to be turned off, and then, a knock on the door.

It's a cute guy in his 30's, no warning signs or red flags are coming up, just a normal dude, he signals with his hands the question, "are you closed already"?

Now this is something that we are quite used to: Men are knocking on our door 5 minutes before closing or before a major Holiday with a desperate look on their face; They thought they had more time, they thought she didn't want to exchange gifts, it's the 10th date, it's the 1st month's anniversary, the online gift they ordered didn't arrive yet, someone just told them they better show up with something or the dog chewed the gift they bought, whatever the story is, we feel for them, put our plans aside and helping the best we can.

They need something and they need it now, it's usually a quick sale that will not take more than 5 minutes, and no, they don't need a gift receipt that will reveal the shopping time...

Not this guy.

He was desperate, but for something else.

We opened the door and he asked if we had a restroom he could use.

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